Lady Gaga

As a practice to improve my writing skills I will write in a different language now and then.
And I figured if I´m going to write about people, I want to do it in the language they can also read.
So here we go.

I never thought Lady Gaga would be the first person I would write about in the category ´inspiration´.
But through an episode of Oprah’s Next Chapter in which she interviews Lady Gaga (and her mother) I finally looked deeper into the phenomena ‘Lady Gaga’.

It was good to see her as a ‘normal’ person; I had only seen the very extravagantly dressed images and had quickly judged ´not for me´.
In the meantime I have listened to her music, and that concerned I´m going to stick to my opinion.
I´m too old for that I think.

But what she accomplishes with her music for a lot of children is impressive.
She has also founded an organisation called ‘Born This Way’.

What I was left with as inspiring afther the interview was the perspective that allowing for an enormous creativity can also be considered as succesful.
Just recently I´ve started to realise that there is a creative urge in me that wants to be heard and seen. But I was raised in a world of “you can´t make a living in that world”. And along the way of my life I finally shut that whole path down.
Until now.

She also disclosed how her creative process (from complete isolation to the explosively opening of the next ‘door’) works. In my own process of allowing the creative impulses this partly feels as recognition, but also as a possible perspective. It is good to hear how this works in other artists. I can learn from this.

Furthermore Stefanie was very open about her childhood in which she was bullied. Now there is always a part of me that is always a little ambiguous about bulling and being bullied (I think it’s a mutual relationship), but what she says is a confirmation in the words of her hitsong ‘Born This Way’:

“My mama told me when I was young
We are all born superstars
There’s nothin’ wrong with lovin’ who you are She said,
‘cause He made you perfect, babe
So hold your head up, girl and you you’ll go far”

A confirmation I seem to (still) need, even at 46.

And last but not least I found a picture of her online:

Grey hair is superhip

Grey hair is superhip

An image to help me be proud of my own grey curls.

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